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Kutools for Excel

Kutools for Excel is a powerful Excel operation assistant software that can realize many complicated Excel operations with one click. Most important, making Excel more convenient and easy to use, greatly improving the efficiency of using Excel, and supporting all of Microsoft Office 2003 and above. 32-bit and 64-bit versions. For those who need Kutools for Excel crack version, download it now.


Firstly, If you’re tired of a merged worksheet, or worried by the difficult tasks of various Excels, Kutools is a good tool for Excel, and you can simplify difficult tasks into a few clicks. However, It increase and adds over 120 advanced features that make it easy for you to cope with a variety of tasks in Excel. For example, you can quickly table, merge cells without losing data, paste them into uniquely visible cells, cell count colors, batch operations with clicks in Excel, and more. Kutools for Excel is an incredibly convenient external connection that will save you time and effort.


Bullets quickly insert a bullet list into multiple cells at a time;

Insert number

With this feature, you can quickly and easily insert a numbered list into multiple cells; From the date Delete time quickly and easily deletes time

from datetime

format cells, and only retains the date format;

Toolbar mode

Moreover, You can change to a different toolbar mode depending on your computer screen resolution. If your computer screen has a higher resolution, you can choose to use the Medium or Wide toolbar mode. By doing this, it will display more features in the Ribbon interface;

Offline HTML help documentation is available

In this release, a help file has been added for Kutools for Excel. You can access the offline help documentation;

Currency conversion

Adding currency abbreviations before each currency in the dialog makes the feature clearer. Installation tutorial First, run the installer in the zip package to install the original program;

Second, the default installation to the system disk, you can also customize the path; Finally, copy all the files in the Ck directory in the compressed package to the installer directory to overwrite the file with the same name;

Fourth, finish, start working!

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