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Summer Holidays: Where to go during the summer holidays?

Summer Vacation: Where to go during the summer holidays?

Summer Holidays Whether for a long stay in the sun or for a short weekend with the family. Indeed, it is often at this time that it is the most beautiful and the hottest. Of course, we must first study the destination that we will choose. We do not select the same trip depending on whether one is a family, a couple or a group of friends. In the same way, the destinations do not all have the same interest according to the months. Do not panic, we help you to see more clearly.

Where to go this summer holidays?

Leaving in summer and spring

In France as in Europe, the choice of destinations are numerous. Thus, knowing where to go this summer is sometimes a challenge … unless you have the right information in hand. Thus, within our borders, it is possible to organize beautiful summer holidays at the sea. In the mountains as in the countryside. In Europe, the south of the continent will undoubtedly be the most attractive … Unless you prefer to go further, in Thailand for example, a summer destination with growing success?

The most beautiful places for a vacation rental in summer Leaving in summer and spring

Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, friendly people, enough to create wonderful memories for two, three or four (or more) … You probably do not ask for anything more for your summer rental. That’s good: we have selected some splendid destinations where to put your suitcases.

Top cheap destinations in August Leaving in summer and spring

An unforgettable holiday is not necessarily linked to an unlimited budget. In Italy, Spain, Portugal or Greece, some cities have become a specialty of good plans to go for cheap in August. Of course, France is not left out, with some affordable summer treasures …

Where to go for a cheap summer vacation?

Leaving in summer and spring As a family, expenses are exponential as children grow up. In couple, ditto, but one prefers to devote his budget to romantic moments. Among friends, it is the outputs that take precedence. Fortunately, there are destinations to go for a cheap summer vacation!

Top 10 destinations for holidays in July Leaving in summer and spring

This is a question we all ask ourselves as soon as we know its dates of leave: where to go in July? At the edge of the sea or on the side of a mountain? In France or abroad? It must be said that the summer holidays are the most important. those that make it possible to return to form at the start of the season!

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