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keep software alive

keep software aliveĀ Your Software is slowing down, Or it needs to restart then nothing very annoying. But, it seems less efficient and less responsive than before. Do not throw it in the trash again. Terrafemina gives you the tips to keep it a long time without paying a cent.

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In general, a Software has an average life of 1 or 1.5 years, or even longer if you maintain it well. Several causes may be causing the slowdown of Windows and the launch of your software. Your file is scattering on your hard drive, the latter collapses under the weight of countless unuse software or temporary files. The memory is used by services without interest, etc. Clearly, it is a clutter.

Of course for miracles, or if you are an inveterate player, you will need to equip a fan to not overheat your processor, or change the hard drive. But you can also maintain your computer at a lower cost. Due to a small session of care per month, your computer will live old.

Here is the application where you can restart your software very easily and immediately.

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