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The only thing more fashionable than bikinis this summer? Summer fruits! Now is the best time to fill your wagon with healthy fruit to eat during the summer season. Of course, bananas and apples are great ways to get health benefits, but this summer, why do you deprive yourself of other fresh, seasonal fruits?

The baskets are garnished with sweet and juicy fruits that you want to bite with your teeth. The plates are filled with Fruit and salads. This is the time to prepare vitamin tables in various colors to start the season with peps.

Here is the list of fruits that are best in the summer season:


Whether sweet or tart, cherry is the most playful fruit, maybe that’s why it fights against aging. Unless it’s because of its exceptionally high rate of antioxidants. Acidic cherry contains 5 times more antioxidants than its cousin sweet cherry, including anthocyanin that seems to be a powerful anti-carcinogen.


Like its cousin strawberry, raspberry is rich in antioxidant and vitamin C. Its particularity is its high level of manganese that fights against the free radicals responsible for aging.


Flagship fruit of the summer, fishing seduces with its tender and juicy flesh. Particularly rich in potassium, it helps maintain good blood pressure and limits the onset of cramps. Very low in calories, fishing is an ideal snack. It is the fruit to consume without moderation to have fishing


They are harvested from the end of spring in the regions where it is the warmest, until the beginning of summer. The tastiest apricots are not easy to keep so buy them just a short time before eating them.


This healthy fruit has a season that defies logic, depending on the exact location where it is grown. Most are in season all summer long. You can let them ripen naturally or speedily in a paper bag. Read also why it is advisable to consume the avocado for its good fats and its nutritional richness.


This is the most delicate of all bays. Look for chubby ones and never choose in a carton that contains crushed, rotting or raspberry raspberries, as these damaged raspberries spread their problem incredibly quickly to others.


They need the tropical heat to ripen and reach their sweet sweetness late in the spring and summer. You will have no trouble finding this exotic fruit during the summer months in the supermarkets. Consuming sufficient amounts of mangoes can give the body a large supply of vitamin A, which lasts for months.


This summer fruit should always seem heavy for its size. Most should have a sweet melon flavor too.


They should be bright and plump. Avoid all ripe mulberries or mildew, they may rot very quickly. Rinse blackberries just before eating or incorporate them into your recipes, never beforehand because they can be soggy and rot faster.


They are very good to eat during the second half of the summer season and are harvested until the fall in most areas that grow them. Seek to consume the maximum of different varieties.



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