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                        Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office is an extremely useful tool that allows its users to do daily work related tasks with utmost ease. It is an office suite of applications, servers and services. This pack contains Microsoft products such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel etc. This Microsoft product has grown a lot over the years as new functionalities have been added in them with each update.

Microsoft Office Suite contains the following products:

Microsoft Word: It is a Word Processor.

Microsoft Excel: It is a Spreadsheet.

Microsoft PowerPoint: It is an extremely useful tool as it allows the user to create slides for different purposes. It has different functionalities as it can perform slideshow. It has also the ability to show Text, Graphics and other Objects on the screen.

Microsoft Access: This tool can be used for the purpose of data base management. The user can easily create any data base in it and then store data in it. It uses access jet data base engine so it stores the data in its own format.

Microsoft Outlook: It is not something like Outlook Express or Outlook on the web. It is more of a personal information manager as it takes care of Messaging, Mailing and Scheduling in the Windows.

Microsoft OneNote: This tool is really useful as it gathers notes of users both handwritten and typed and also gathers screen clippings, drawings and audio commentaries. It also allows the users of Microsoft Onenote to share their data with each other using onenote.

There are also other Microsoft products other than the explained above and they are extremely useful as well.

How to download and Install MS Office 2016 for free:

  • Download the MS office from any of the two links given below.
  • Install MS Office 2016 on your PC.
  • Download the crack from the link given below.
  • Right click on the file in the crack folder with the name “KMSAuto Net” and run it as Administrator.
  • Click on Activation in the appeared window.
  • Click Activate Office. It will take a few minutes for the file to do its job so don’t worry.
  • Enjoy the free version of MS Office.

In case if any of you have any trouble Just simply consult this youtube video with the link given below.

                How to install MS Office 2016 full Tutorial

     Download Ms Office 2016 from google drive link

          Download Crack for MS Office 2016

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