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                                       Universal Sound FX version 1.4


Universal Sound FX version 1.4 is the most recent library of sounds available for unity. It contains thousands of sound effects which can be use any game genre. This unity asset is available on the unity website for $40 for the free version of unity and $32 for the pro/plus version.

It contains sound effects for any gaming genre and can be use to create the prototype of any new idea. This version of universal sound FX contains 5018 16 bit WAV files. The sound files in this asset are optimize in a way that there should be a lesser disturbance in the game.

You should use its sound effects in your game and this will add extra power to your game.

All the sound files in this unity asset are label properly so that the user won’t face any trouble. The quality of the content just improves with every update.

Downloading link file size: 293 MB

Supported Unity Version:3.4.0 or higher

Version: 1.41

Number of files: 5028

                            Download Universal Sound FX

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