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Behavior Designer : Behavior Trees for Everyone


                              Behavior Designer: Behavior Trees for Everyone

Behavior Trees is an interesting asset as it creates a lifelike AI and it is mostly used by AAA studios. Basically, a behavior tree implementation which is designed for everyone.

It includes programs, artists, and designers. Most Importantly, It allows us to create new tasks using a visual editor that has a powerful API.

Firstly, Its main purpose was to be as good as possible without giving any new value. After its start which results in its better performance on all platforms which also includes mobile. Secondly, This asset refers to each update the behavior tree implementation will get better. The asset will provide a good approach.

Behavior Trees provides packs following are the packs:

It has other Addon packs:

  1. Formation pack
  2. Movement pack
  3. Tactical pack

The requirement for Behavior Designer:   Editor Extension

Specifications of Behavior Designer: Behavior Trees for Everyone:

  • Downloading link file size: 4MB
  • Total Number of files: 537
  • Version: 1.6
  • Supported Unity Versions: 5.1.0 or higher

These will give you an easy way to do your work better. All the problems that you are facing will be resolved. Just install it and enjoy its features. You just have to scroll simply down the page after opening this link and choose the free download option.

              Download Behavior Designer: Behavior Trees for Everyone