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Adobe Photoshop CS6 is a great tool for photo editing. It is different from any other tool available because of its unique features that allow the user to do the job with utmost comfort. Its interface is darker than the previous ones and the functionalities added in it. Just make it more user-friendly as cropping is easier in it and the properties panel can fly out.

The extend content feature includes the addition of a content-sensitive move. Which allows the user to draw around an object and simply drag it to any other part of the image. Whereas, the photoshop fills the background. This process is not suppose to work every single time. But in case if needed then a content-based patching option means that you can bring some help to the program.

The CS6 photoshop equips the user with new blur image options. Which makes the work easier for the user as the new options available field. Iris and Tilt-shift allow the user to specify the depth of the field and point out the exact parts of the image that the user wants to be a blur.

This software has been massively improve as new Adobe Camera Raw 7.0 has been introduce in it and it has made things easier for the user as it offers shadow and highlight controls.

This software allows the user to boost their design and productiveness and can also play a role in increasing the image creation of the user.

Most Importantly, this tool is extremely easy to use and in case of any trouble in usage, there are a lot of online tutorials available which can guide the user to get the job done. Online courses are also available for this product. It contains sharper vector rendering and full auto recovery which are very helpful.

Specifications of adobe photoshop CS6:·

Platform: Windows·

Developer: Adobe·

Version: CS6·

License: Free version·

Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows (x86) bit and Windows(x64) bit.


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